What's The Best Type Of Window And Gasket To Choose During An Upgrade?

When you need glass replacement on your period property, you'll want to ensure that you use technologically advanced products that are proven to be long-lasting as well as energy-efficient. You may decide to fit uPVC windows as they are renowned for their tenacity and are some of the best thermal properties on the market. However, you also need to ensure that your technician uses the best products available to position each window and ensure that you do not lose efficiency around the edges. What's the best approach to take to come up with the most efficient result?

Upgrading Your Window Stock

If you are replacing old timber-framed windows, you'll be delighted with what uPVC can bring to the table. These windows are able to withstand driving rain, sleet or snow on the one hand and deal with extremes of heat on the other. They'll perform across all four seasons without flaking, chipping, peeling or corroding. This is why many builders and developers are choosing uPVC for either new or replacement windows for residential properties across the country.

Advantages Of uPVC

If you choose double glazed uPVC windows, you may be able to keep a lot of that oppressive heat out of your home in the summer. Some people think that double glazing is best for cooler climates, but it can be equally as efficient when keeping those internal temperatures down, making your house a more pleasant place to be.

Choosing The Right Gasket

Still, these windows will only perform as intended if they are correctly installed. Today, many contractors will use gaskets made from polyurethane foam, which will provide a highly effective seal and help with weatherproofing. These gaskets can also limit the amount of noise that might come in from the outside, which may be particularly advantageous if you live in a busy area.

Standing Up To Pressure

The best polyurethane foam gaskets offer greater durability but will retain their shape at all times. Lesser gaskets may lose their shape following a relentless onslaught by the weather, allowing draughts and water to penetrate. It's better to take the higher quality gaskets to keep your expensive conditioned air in place and help save money on those energy bills.

Talking with Your Contractor

You may have to make an investment in your new windows, and you certainly want them to give you good value for money with time. Talk with an installer about uPVC windows and ask them what type of weatherproofing foam gaskets they will use to secure each window in place.

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