Does your glass need repair?

Glass is an essential component in almost any property. Your home will have windows. You may also have a glass balustrade or even a glass-topped table. At your business premises, you may have a shop window to showcase goods to the public. However, using glass is not without problems. One thing that everyone knows about glass is that it can shatter if it suffers an impact, but some types of glass can also be surprisingly tough. Sometimes, glass doesn't shatter, but it can be damaged in another way. Two of the most common ways that glass can be damaged are scratching and staining. You might think that once the glass has been damaged, it must be replaced, but that isn't always true. Sometimes, arranging for a glass repair company to look at the glass can be the best option.

Scratched glass 

If you have pets or children, scratched glass may be quite familiar to you. Many pets will scratch at glass doors when they want to go outside. Glass may also be accidentally scratched by a window cleaner. If you are frustrated looking at scratched glass, the good news is that a glass repair company can help. Instead of replacing an entire pane of glass, it is often possible to conceal the scratch.

Stained glass 

There are several reasons that glass can become stained. You might live in an area with hard water, causing calcium or limescale deposits to accumulate on the glass. Alternatively, prolonged exposure to even mild acid rain can cause the glass to appear to be stained. However, while the glass might look stained, it is usually a type of corrosion, and with the help of a glass repair company, it can often be fixed. However, it is always best to seek the help of a professional glass repair company, rather than attempting to repair the glass yourself. If you try to do anything using a conventional acid-based cleaner, you might make the situation worse rather than better.


Splatter isn't so common as scratching or staining, but if you operate machinery near glass windows it can sometimes be an issue. Angle grinders and similar machinery will often have hot flakes of metal fly off them. If these pieces of metal become stuck in the glass, they can be unsightly. A glass repair company may be able to polish out splatter and restore the appearance of your windows.

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