An Introduction To Your First Frameless Glass Shower Screen

Upgrading from a shower curtain to a shower screen is a massive transformation for your bathroom as well as an elevated shower experience. Your shower screen will not only function to keep water from splashing onto your floors, but it will also automatically become a focal point in your bathroom too. Thus, you can be assured that the shower screen will have an immediate positive impact on the visual interest of your bathroom by lending it a contemporary chicness. Frameless glass shower screens happen to be the most decadent option among all other types of shower screens. Nevertheless, if you have never invested in one before, you may not know what you are purchasing in. This piece will be your formal introduction to your first frameless glass shower screen.

Are frameless glass shower screens affordable?

You may have been steering clear from frameless glass shower screens because you presumed that they are inordinately expensive. This is not surprising when you factor in the effortless elegance that these enclosures add to any space. However, you will be surprised to learn that they are much more affordable than you think. One major factor that goes into determining the price of the different types of frameless glass shower screens is the kind of glass they are made from. Thus, you have an array of options to choose from depending on your budget. For laminated glass shower screens to the wired glass alternatives, you do not aver to worry about compromising your budget for this luxury addition.

What type of thickness do you need?

The second thing to note about frameless glass shower screens is that they come in a range of thicknesses. But this does not mean that the thinner the glass is, the flimsier it will be. All frameless glass shower screens, while made from different types of glass, are safe. The only reason why you may want to consider the thickness is to ensure it fits within your budget and that the glass suits any supplementary needs you may have. For example, you could choose to install frameless glass shower screens that will double up as dividers in the room. In this scenario, you should opt for the thickest glass for the divider part so that it does not wobble in place.

What considerations should you have?

While the installation of a frameless glass shower screen is straightforward enough, a couple of considerations should be in mind. For starters, you should determine how you want the shower screen to be affixed to create the enclosure. This fixing could be done on your ceiling, floor or the wall. Secondly, establish if you want a walk-in enclosure or prefer a door with your shower screen.

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