Potential Causes of Spontaneous Window Glass Breakage

While a majority of homeowners think of the need for glass repair, they typically assume that this comes about when the glass elements in their home are exposed to high impact. A stray ball from kids playing outside or perhaps falling onto the glass is what will usually cause cracks or breakage to glass, but these are not the only ways that your glass can be damaged. There are times that it may seem that your windows have cracked or broken spontaneously since they have not been touched by anybody. While this phenomenon can seem strange, it is surprisingly more common than you think. Read on for a couple of potential causes of spontaneous window glass breakage that will necessitate immediate glass repair.

Compromised integrity of the frames

One of the most common reasons why your window glass could break without any external factors is if the frames themselves are not in good condition. When you factor in Australia's changing weather elements, you realise that the window frames are exposed to interchanging cold and heat, which causes the frames to expand and contract. During installation, the glaziers are supposed to install elements to guard against the expansion and contraction, for example, edge blocks if you have metallic frames. Without these elements or if the edge blocks are not providing sufficient cushioning, the frames weaken and subsequently cannot hold the glass in place. Thus, you may find you need glass repair from a windowpane that falls unexpectedly.

Defective glass edges

When the edges of the glass are in jeopardy, it is usually a weakness that occurs during the manufacturing stage in the factory. Before the glass panes are shipped for installation, they are cut to the specifications of your window. However, in some instances, the cutting causes some dents or chips on the edges of the glass. While these defects may be inconspicuous to the naked eye, their presence automatically jeopardises the entire windowpane. You and your glazers may not be aware of the chips or cracks but over time, the jeopardised glass is exposed to external stresses that steadily weaken the entire pane. Hence, after a while, the window may fall to pieces seemingly on its own, but the primary cause will be the deformities that it left the factory with. When seeking glass repair, ensure that you and your glaziers have thoroughly examined the edges of the new glass to prevent this from happening again.

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