Four Advantages of Shower Screens

A shower screen is a type of bathroom enclosure, usually made of glass. Its main function is to prevent bath water from spilling over into other areas of the bathroom when you are taking a shower. Shower screens have a number of advantages. Below is a list of four advantages.

Aesthetic Value

If you're looking for something that will transform your bathroom to resemble a luxurious upscale spa, then frameless glass shower screens are attractive enough to create this kind of ambiance. These types of bathroom enclosures are chic and sleek, thus suitable for developing a polished design concept in any bathroom.

In addition, these glass enclosures can accent your bathroom flooring and walls. This is because the transparency of glass allows other features in your bathroom to dominate, rather than compete with your overall bathroom design.

Durable and safe

Shower screens are made from glass that has undergone treatment and tempering to strengthen it. Tempered glass is very durable; so, if you maintain your shower screen properly it will serve you for a long time. In addition, glass shower encloses are scratch and shatter resistant.

Low Maintenance

Glass shower screens have no major maintenance requirements. All you need to do is regularly clean the enclosure to remove soap residue and water spots. Frameless types of shower enclosures are particularly easier to clean than their framed counterparts, this is because you can access the entire glass pane without any hindrances.


Shower screens are quite versatile. They come in a variety of design options allowing you to pick aspects that would be most suitable for your bathroom. For instance, your options include the following:

Glass finish: Not all glass shower enclosures are made using clear glass. Some have frost finishing, while others have been etched; and some are tinted. You can, therefore, choose a finishing depending on your preferences.

Door design: you have the option of choosing a bathroom glass enclosure with either a framed or frameless door design. While a frameless design allows more natural light into the bathroom and offers a contemporary feel, a framed design creates a feeling of evenness and symmetry in a bathroom.

The act of taking a shower has evolved from being an act of observing proper personal hygiene, into a stress-relieving, invigorating and sensual act. It's for this reason that bathroom renovations are quite popular among homeowners. If you're thinking of doing a bathroom renovation, you should consider installing shower screens in your new bathroom to enjoy the above four benefits.

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