How to Choose the Right Window Style for Your Home

If your home needs new windows, or you're having a new home built, no doubt you'll want to carefully consider the glass you'll choose for those windows. Insulated glass can mean less heat and cold that gets into the home, and can also mean a quieter interior space. 

Along with the actual glass, however, you need to consider the overall style of windows you'll choose for each room of the home. This will ensure you have windows that look good and that offer all the light and fresh air circulation you need in the space. Note a few tips to keep in mind before you start shopping for new windows, so you get a great style as well as quality glass for these pieces.

Amount of ventilation needed

When it comes to ventilation from your new windows, you might assume that you want maximum fresh air into your home, but if you live in an area prone to strong winds, you might actually get too much ventilation from some window styles! If you need control over how much wind comes in through the windows themselves, opt for standard sash windows, which open at the bottom, versus casement windows, which open by a hinge on the side. Bow or bay windows can also be a good choice; these jut out from the home in a semicircle, and you can then open either of the windows on the sides rather than the window at the front of the home, controlling the amount of wind that gets into the home.

Consider the view inside

For sides of the home that face a sidewalk or that are very close to a neighbour's home, you might want smaller windows that afford more privacy. If you need maximum sunlight, consider long, rectangular windows that run the length of a wall, so they let in more light while still obscuring the view.

Note furniture

In a living room or family room, windows that are very long so that they almost reach the floor may look a bit clumsy when next to a couch or chair. On the other hand, these taller windows can be good for an empty wall that won't have furniture next to it, or for a wall where you might plan your furniture around the windows themselves. For example, you might opt for two tall windows that will flank an entertainment centre in the family room, bringing in light while not interfering with the placement of that furniture.

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