Glass Shower Screens — Top Reasons to Go Frameless

Switching from a shower curtain to a shower screen may seem like a straightforward decision until you make your way to the store and find the wide selection of options at your disposable. Thus, it is critical for every homeowner to know what they want first before they go out to buy a glass shower screen and end up basing their decision on cost rather than the long-term benefits that the enclosure would offer them. One of the styles of glass shower screens that is steadily becoming a staple in Australian bathrooms is the frameless variety. Here is a concise list of reasons why you should choose a frameless shower screen over the other glass alternatives in the market.

Frameless shower screens offer personalised specifications

A huge advantage of choosing a frameless shower screen is that you will have the flexibility to make the most of your bathroom's unique measurements. This customisation is especially beneficial if you have an awkwardly shaped bathroom that was initially an extension, and thus you did not have much floor space to work with. The shower screen technicians can customise your enclosure to any specifications that you want and utilise design elements such as neo-angles, walk-in enclosures, a stand-alone feature or whatever else that you would prefer. Therefore, when you go frameless, you can be assured of getting the precise enclosure that you have been envisioning for your space.

Frameless shower screens offer simple maintenance

Cleaning your shower stall is not a chore that most people enjoy. However, it is unavoidable, as the constant exposure to moisture makes this environment a natural habitat for bacteria, mould and other organisms. Fortunately, with a frameless shower screen, you get to minimise your responsibilities, as it does not have the same proclivity for grime as its framed counterparts do. The lack of framing ensures that water does not become trapped between the enclosure glass and the stainless steel trimming. Therefore, it is less likely that moisture-loving organisms will be able to create a breeding ground in your enclosure. Moreover, tech advancements in the glass shower screen industry have brought about the advent of self-cleaning glass, which functions to repel moisture as you use your shower. Overall, a frameless shower screen can make bathroom cleaning a breeze!

Frameless shower screens offer astounding durability

You may think that frameless shower screens will not be as secure as their framed counterparts are, but you would be gravely mistaken. The frameless varieties are constructed using thick safety glass that is at minimal risk of breakage. Moreover, if the glass should encounter exceptionally high impact, it will disintegrate into massive shards that would be easily cleaned up, rather than minuscule fragments that can prove to be highly injurious.

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