Tips To Reduce Glass Replacement Costs During Extreme Weather

Glass windows are fragile, and they can easily be damaged when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Examples of these conditions include when there is heavy rain and snow or when there are strong winds. Such weather can cause objects to be thrown against your glass windows. The result can be cracked or broken windows. However, there are multiple steps that you can take to prevent such damage. Below are tips on how you can reduce the glass replacement costs during extreme weather conditions.

Board the windows

Do not assume that your windows are safe just because you have removed loose items in your front and backyard. In extreme conditions, strong winds can easily pick up items such as outdoor furniture, and they can hit your windows. When this happens, it can lead to damage to the windows, and you will have to replace them. The best strategy to prevent such incidences is to board up the windows in such weather. The perfect material to use for this is plywood, which is easy to apply and remove when the weather improves. Additionally, it causes minimal damage to the window frames, which eliminates the need to repair the frames constantly.

Invest in heavy-duty glass

When you are installing glass windows, there are numerous options that you can select from. Many people will choose the cheapest glass, which serves the same purpose. The only problem is that cheap glass is light-duty glass. You will not experience any problem as long as the weather is perfect. The problem will arise during extreme weather conditions. This problem can be avoided by using heavy-duty glass for all your exterior windows. These windows can withstand a considerable amount of force. Even if the winds hurl pieces of branches on your windows, you will have nothing to worry about.

Install rails on the exterior of the glass

If you want a permanent solution to prevent items from hitting your glass windows, you can install rails on your windows. The benefit of this approach is that you can use visually appealing rails which are permanent and do not have to be removed during good weather.

Apart from protecting your windows, these measures are essential in ensuring the safety of people in your house. When hard objects break your windows, the broken glass can injure anyone who is near the windows. This can lead to additional expenses to replace the windows and to seek medical assistance.

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