Benefits of Frameless Glass Shower Screens

If you're renovating your bathroom, you may be considering installing a frameless shower. Not only do these enclosures look beautiful, but they offer several additional benefits that are outlined below.

Engender Spaciousness

You may think that if you have a small bathroom, you don't have many options besides pushing out the walls and undergoing major construction. However, installing the right shower can go a long way towards making the room feel more spacious. For example, frameless glass screens don't separate the shower from the rest of the room, which creates the illusion that that room is larger. You'll notice an immediate difference if you replace shower curtains or heavy framing with almost bare glass.

Ease of Access

Shower enclosures can be difficult for some people to access if they have mobility issues, especially if it has a narrow doorway. Frameless doors can swing inwards or outwards to create a wider entryway than a sliding or bypass door that can only push to the side so far. A door that pivots inwards can make it easier for people to get inside the shower. However, you'll also need to consider the size as a swinging door requires shower space to open.

Highlights Beautiful Tiles

One of the best attributes of a frameless shower is that it can appear almost invisible. These enclosures don't tend to grab attention for themselves, but they stand back and allow you to notice other features such as beautiful floor and wall tiling within the shower. Transparent frameless screens don't disturb the view and offer a distraction.

Enjoy More Natural Light

If you love an open and airy bathroom, frameless glass showers are ideal because they reflect light around the room. The daylight that flows in the windows will bounce from the glass screens to the floor to the walls. The added brightness will make the entire room feel more open, airy, and bigger. 

Easy to Clean

Shower screens with minimal framing are easy to clean, as they don't feature so many crevices that can catch mould and soap scum. If you install a fully framed shower with metal edging around all four sides of each glass panel, you'll have to wipe all these sides when you wash the shower. The small hinges and brackets on a frameless shower present fewer grooves that can collect grime so your routine maintenance will be less demanding. Just wipe with a microfibre cloth for a sparkling clean shower.

To learn more, contact shower screen contractors. 

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