Window Glass Replacement: 4 Signs Your Windows Need Replacement

Glass window panes make it easy for you to see the outdoors from the comfort of your home. Yet, you may only think about them when they're broken, malfunctioning, or in need of replacement. If your windows are compromised in one way or the other, you will experience draughts going into your space, poor energy efficiency, and security breaches. If you suspect or notice any visible signs that your windows need replacement, don't hesitate to get an expert to do so as soon as possible. Continue reading for four signs that it's time to replace your glass windows.

The Aftermath of a Storm or a Hurricane

If your home has just survived a hurricane, chances are that some of your windows bore the majority of the weight. Flying debris may have been tossed at the window compromising the panes. There may also be debris stuck on the frame of the window, which will eventually require a replacement. After a storm in your area is a great time to call an expert to inspect your windows and identify those that are physically compromised. 

There's a Draught on Windy Days

Windows prevent the penetration of draughts into your home. If you feel a breeze when you stand by the window, the chances are that your windows have a leak. Test this by burning an incense stick, and if the smoke moves in any particular direction, you definitely have a leak. In severe cases, you will notice streaks of light penetration through the frame if you shine a flashlight through the window in the dark. 

There's Fog Between the Double-Glass Plane Windows

Is there some condensation between the glass panes of your double-glass pane windows? This is a sign that the seal has failed and is allowing moisture to invade the space between your glass panes. If the weather is extremely cold, you may notice a build-up of ice or frost. Call an expert to determine if the window requires repairs or replacement. 

There's a Lot of Noise Coming From the Outside

One of the primary benefits of glass windows is that they are excellent sound insulators. This means that they protect your home from outdoors sounds. If the window is damaged, you'll start to hear more noise from outside. Double- or triple-paned glass windows are usually insulated with argon gas to decrease outdoor noise, especially for homes in busy neighbourhoods.

If your windows are physically cracked or the panes are compromised, you'll need to call a glass replacement technician to replace the windows. If the damage is too much, you might need to replace the windows. 

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